New Version changes

Version 2.81 – Mar 2023

– Set desktop image. Apply different filters and choose when the desktop image must be changed automatically.
– Add separation shadow to double page view.
– Convert any opened file to video using fully customizable settings (powered by ffmpeg).
– Extract frame images from videos (powered by ffmpeg).
– New double page settings dialog.
– Many fixes adjusting printing settings. Show always realtime preview in printing dialog.
– Increased number of recorded recent files to 20.
– HEIC/HEIF image format file is compatible (windows codec required)
– New transition effects: Fade, Fade to black, Fade to back, Pixelated and Roulette.
– Preview all transition effects in transition dialog.
– Fixed start position for multimonitor.
– Improved adjustment in multimonitor full screen.
– Fixed bad header error in old windows versions.
– Performance improved opening files.
– Changed dialog for improve colours and convert to ascii feature to ease the preview.
– Convert to ascii CRT-Matrix new option.
– Next / Prev cb* are enabled in control bar by right click in next/prev image button.
– Fixed installer to be able to run in old windows version.
– Many fixes, adjusment and memory/performance minor improvements.

Version 2.61 – Dic 2022

– New functionality: Convert your images to ASCII (Image menu).
– Reduced zoom step to ease adjusment.
– Avoid writing in Windows registry and Windows AppData in portable version.
– Improved management of running previous instances to open new files.
– Fixed issue doing multiple clicks in right file list that clutters it.
– Fixed print preview size.
– Fixed creation of cbr/cbz presentation.
– Fixed spotify integration.
– Fixed specific incompatibility with some old Windows version configuration.
– Minor improvement of some menus and controls-rigth click action in the main user interface.
– Other many many minor fixes.

Version 2.58 – Dic 2021

– Fixed Remember last position feature.

– Added tolerance adjusting zoom to line jump.

– Added PDFToCairo compatibility to open all PDF files.

Version 2.57 – Apr 2021

– Fixed some windows 10 compatibility issues.

Version 2.56 – Feb 2021

– Preview image in Actions – Select image number.

– Identify .jfif files as image format.

– Added option to add suffix in filename of extracted images.

– Ignore “._*” MAC system files.

– Minor simplication in menus.

– Updated tools links.

– Fixed bug selecting page in preview dialog.

– Fixed bug managing files.

– Minor performance improvement.

Version 2.55 – Feb 2020

– Fixed serious error managing dynamic memory (Update to avoid some crashes, unexpected errors and bad performance issues).

– Minor performance improvements.

Version 2.54 – Jun 2019

– New setting to match image sizes in double page mode.
(Image / Double Page / Match sizes. Enabled by default)

– New settings to configure changing images by arrow keys.
(Settings/ Configure changing images by arrow keys)

– New settings to configure zoom limit when image is adjusted to screen
(Image / Zoom / Configure zoom level limit adjusting to screen. 200% by default)

– New setting extracting files: Replace without asking existing files with same name.

– Minor improvement in transition from window state to full screen.

– Removed UNACEV2.dll for new installations (used for cba, ace files) due to security vulnerability.
(User can add the library file to restore cba/ace compatibility)

– Added feature to reset to default settings and delete any stored data.
(Settings / Export Import settings and stored data / Reset)

– Fixed bug doing magnifier on click before opening any file.

– Minor changes in dialogs.

Version 2.53 – Feb 2019

– Adjust zoom to configured Line Jump

– Autohide the mouse cursor also outside the image

– Improved border cropping algorithm

– Cursor keys are available to customize hotkeys

– Line Jump reverse available for Mouse buttons.

– Sort cb* files in Manage Cb* dialog and Open Next/Prev cb* working for format 1, 2, 10, 11…

– Ease change page with touch control.

– Many other minor changes and bug fixes.

Version 2.52 – Apr 2018

– Added reduce margin button in main tool bar.

– Reduced dialogs creating cbr/cbz file.

– Improved performance and reduce bad flashing opening cbr/cbz.

– Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.51 – Feb 2018

– Support cbr/rar files created using Winrar 5.50 (available from GonVisor 2.51.02, not available for Wine).

– New setting to move control bar to down position.

– New setting “Increase control bar and image list size”.

– New setting and mouse action “Magnifier on click”.

– New action to export and import settings and stored data (to ease share configuration in different devices).

– Added generic audio media control (Itunes, AIMP…)

– Fixed spotify control.

– Updated interface controls.

– Fixed bad screen resolution refresh when it is modified in full screen mode.

– Fixed some cases with bad screen adjusment.

– Improved stability opening some rar files.

– Improved stability to avoid unexpected errors.

– Minor changes to improve WINE compatibility.

– Changed some translations.

– Fixed bug storing mouse configuration for button 4 double click.

– Fixed some other minor bugs…

Version 2.45.01 – Jan 2017

– Fixed full screen crash for windows 10 in tablet mode.

– Improved again stability with large files in old windows versions or 32bit.

– Minor fixes in some dialogs.

– Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.44.01 – May 2016

– Refresh automatically loaded single images when files are modified.

– Support cbt files using 7zip.exe

– Changed strange behaviour with large images, aspect ratio was not preserved.

– Improved stability with large files in old windows versions.

– Rar.exe and 7zip.exe is searched in default installation paths before asking to user.

– Adapt shortkeys custom dialog for little screen resolutions.

– Fixed some minor bugs.

Version 2.43.01 – February 2016

– Read *webp images (single images and images inside cb* files).

– Extract images and create cbr/cbz files converting to .webp format.

– Improved performance of color improvement with smooth and normalization activated.

– Zoom in images shown in preview images dialog when mouse is on.

– Remove “_” between prefix and number in extract process and rename all.

– Files can be dragged in the part of the control bar without buttons.

– Fixed performance problem when more than one folder is dragged to be opened.

– Doing reduce/increase zoom, detects when zoom returns to “Adjust width”, “Adjust with and height” or zoom 100% configurations.

– Disable some controls in Search Dialog when search is being executed to avoid conflicts.

– Show message when portable version is executed without decompressing any dll files

– Bug fixed: Avoid “empty names” doing a global search with full path name activated.

– Bug fixed: Minor changes in some dialog style (Main screen, improve image and mouse configuration dialogs)

– Bug fixed: Changing to vertical double page was not updating the image shown.

– Bug fixed: Common folder to show file list was not well detected when more than one folder is opened.

– Bug fixed: Some combinations of color improvement transformation was not applying.

Versión 2.42.05 / 2.42.06 – April 2015 / September 2015

– Fixed name template using “Rename all” action.

– Changed progress bar shape.

– Improved performance for some colour improvement configurations.

– Fixed bug deleting temporary files.

– Fixed some translations.

– Improved algorithm to sort files depending on name.

– Open hidden files using next/prev cbr/cbz.

– Fixed bug saving winamp settings.

– Show last file folder in open cbr/cbz dialog.

– Improved performance opening Shortkey dialog.

– Do not force to associate cbr/cbz files in portable version.

– Ask language first time portable version is opened.

– Minor changes associating files.

– Fixed minor bugs

Version 2.42 (January 2015)

– cbr/cbz files can be created applying current image improvement settings (Colour improvement and Reduce Margin).

– Changed smoothing and added sharpening setting to improve image.

– Roll out transition effect added.

– Added hotkey to do reverse Line Jump (by default shift + Line Jump shortkey).

– Size of control bar can be increased (useful for touch screens).

– Path can be directly copied in new text field in the “Open List of images” dialog.

– New Full screen setting to show “Loading” message.

– When portable version is executed first time in a PC with standard installation done, portable version will use the previous installation configuration.

– Changed error message trying to open a file name with non-ascii characters.

– Fixed bug changing saturation and brightness level (they were moved by twos sometimes).

– Other minor changes in implementation and user interface.

Version 2.41 (November 2014)

– Improved compatibility opening rar/zip/cbr/cbz files with “non standard” image file names. (Suggested by Intruso)

– Use shift+cursor keys to move directly to the upper/bottom/right/left of the image. (Suggested by Felixander)

– New setting in Configuration menu to open cb* files in the same opened instance (a new instance was always created to open a new cb* file) (Suggested by bochino)

– Changed dialogs “Manage cb*”, “Open list of images” and “Show Thumbnails” to adapt their size to the screen size. Bigger and clearer.

– Improved preview performance in the “manage cb*” dialog.

– Changed preview method in “Open List of images” trying to fix MAC-Wine problem. (Reported by Cromwell)

– Go to the bottom of the image if the image is close to it after doing a Line Jump. (Suggested by Leonard)

– Improved Reduce Margin algorithm for images with height much longer than its width. (Suggested by Felixander)

– Minor changes in the style of some user interface controls.

– Fixed bug: If a cb* file is opened and user opens a group of other images, sometimes the rating of the cb* file was wrongly asked. (Reported by Kevin)

– Fixed bug: Strange movement executing Line Jump in narrow images if previous image was wide. (Reported by Intruso)

Version 2.31 (April 2014)

– New setting to reduce automatically image margins (Menu Image – Improve Image – Reduce Margin).
– New setting to detect original double pages (Menu Image – Double Page – Detect original Double Pages).
– New setting to activate smooth scrolling setting (Menu Configuration – Use smooth scrolling).
– New setting to remember last position in cbz/cbr/cba/cb7 (Menu File – Remember last position in cbz/cbr..).
– New menu and shortkey to fully customize Line Jump (Menu Configuration – Line Jump).

– Improved performance viewing cbr/cbz files.
– Improved rotation performance.

– Set customized actions for 4th and 5th mouse buttons.
– Set different mouse configuration for each screen side.
– New mouse action to open Manage cb* dialog.
– Customize Number of scrolling attempts to change the image by mouse wheel or cursor.

– Transition effect activated by default when image is turned by dragging/touch action.
– Ease turning images by dragging/touch action.
– Improved how the menu bar is shown in full screen using touch control.
– Removed delay showing control bar using touch control.

– Fast extraction of files by right click on list files or shortkey.
– Add prefix to extracted files (customized or container file/folder).
– Images to be extracted can be set by intervals: 13-25, 28, …
– Store recent folders selected to extract images.

– Do not resize image when menu bar appears in full screen.
– Changed graphic style of control bar buttons, their colour can be customized.
– Changed colours of scrollbar and list of images, they can be customized.
– Changed initial screen.

– Images to be printed can be set by intervals: 13-25, 28, …
– Path of open folder dialog can be typed directly.
– Use cursor keys to navigate in the Preview Images dialog.
– Added popup menu (right-click) on Preview Images dialog to make actions on selected files.
– Added new stats: Number of extracted files and cbr/cbz files created.
– Updated unrar.dll.

– Fixed blocked controls problem when menu appears in full screen in WINE version.
– Removed some strange movements turning to Full Screen.
– Removed zoom opening PDF using Complex PDFToHtml
– Fixed some minor windows 8 compatibility issues.
– Zoom In/Out by clicking keep the position of the image.
– EXIF data used to rotate images in Manage cb* and select files dialogs.
– Fixed zoom centering image.
– Fixed internal counter when system day changes.

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