• Standard PDFtoHTML: It allows GonVisor to open images from PDF files. Just decompress its folder in the same folder you have installed GonVisor (MUST HAVE!)

      Download Standard PDFtoHTML (41,383 hits)

  • Complex PDFtoHTML: This PDFtoHTML improves GonVisor compatibility for PDF files, great but much slower. Decompress its folder in the same folder you have installed GonVisor and select Complex PDFtoHTML when you open a PDF file in GonVisor (MUST HAVE!)

      Download Complex PDFtoHTML (28,205 hits)

  • CBX Shell: To show cbz and cbr thumbnails in Windows Explorer (MUST HAVE!)

      CBXShell (515 hits)

  • PDFCreator: It allows GonVisor to create PDF´s files, so you can convert your images, cbr, cbz..files to pdf. Just print from GonVisor to the PDFCreator virtual printer:
  • 7Zip: GonVisor will need it to open some cb7 and 7z files.


You will find a lot of ecomics (cbr, cbz files) searching on the web, on forums, P2P program… These are some links to download free distribution comics. Please, contact us to tell us more interesting links.


At this moment, GonVisor has more than 300,000 references in Internet. You will find opinions and comments about it in many forums and software websites. These links are just some examples of important webs talking about GonVisor.